by Gilda Bojardi
There are many reasons why I feel it is worthwhile and right to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Interni with a special publication. The first – and most important, perhaps – is that this is a unique opportunity to thank all the people who have made it possible to achieve such an outstanding result. First of all the architects, designers and creative talents who have narrated their stories and vision on the pages of the magazine. Then the companies that have believed and invested in our efforts, in a versatile way, to communicate and to promote design culture (we should remember: without their support and their trust we could never have come this far). Then the many collaborators who over the years have helped us to make Interni a brand known all over the world: critics, journalists, photographers, consultants, all those who with different kinds of expertise have made contributions precious for our growth. Last but not least, we would like to thank our readers, be they sector professionals, students or simply lovers of design and architecture; their praise and their criticisms have always been a decisive stimulus in our pursuit of new information and new ways of talking about design.

The second reason is that taking advantage of this occasion for a look back, a ‘philological’ retrospective on 60 years of design history, enables us to put a process of evolution into focus that might seem obvious today, but is actually anything but. From the first Italian furnishings magazine, founded by Giovanni Gualtiero Görlich in 1954, Interni has been transformed into a system of communication that now narrates design through a range of parallel publications and different media tools: from printed paper to the web, all the way to the creation of events and exhibitions, organized to encourage interaction between designers, producers and distributors, bringing together their respective roles. In this long history, Interni has had the good fortune to share entirely in the fantastic, adventurous history of Italian furniture and design. The magazine has covered the growth of an industrial sector that is now the claim to fame of Italy in the world, growth made possible by the intuitions of brilliant architects, designers and cultural figures, courageous entrepreneurs and many other absolutely exceptional personalities who have dared to take risks and still venture to dare. Together with these protagonists, Interni has grown, and like Italian design it has spread on an international level, ‘invading’ the everyday world with the goal of recording the multiple expressions of contemporary design, no longer linked only to the world of furnishings.

We thought it was interesting, then, to retrace a history – that of our magazine – that is simply the reflection of the many histories that have made Italian design great. With great care, we have delved into the archives and returned with articles, images, documentation, advertising campaigns, all published by Interni from 1954 to the present. We have recreated a sort of visual narrative that very clearly expresses the evolution of the Italian lifestyle, of tastes and above all of the design culture of our country, as it has gradually widened its horizons. We have decided to break this story up into six decades, asking six well-known design critics – Vanni Pasca, Enrico Morteo, Cristina Morozzi, Andrea Branzi, Marco Romanelli, Beppe Finessi – to outline their main features and represent them through ten iconic products. The whole survey is introduced by an essay by Deyan Sudjic, the former editor of Domus and now director of the Design Museum in London, who offers an objective interpretation, that of someone who has lived and analyzed the episodes of Italian design with greater detachment. To complete the tale, we provide the collection of all the covers of 60 years of Interni, the 15 collections of drawings (made each month by a great designer or architect for Interni), and a selection from the events we have created and organized during this long career. Lots of stuff, in short. Had it not been for the special occasion of this 60th anniversary of the magazine, we might never have gotten such a clear grasp on what we have built over time. A source of pride, which it is only logical – and fitting – to share with everyone.