Interni=FuoriSalone. Interni’s particular approach to exploration of the world of design production has led the magazine, over time, to intensify its activities in the organization of events that can promote and narrate a design culture made of industrial companies with unique capacities, and architects and designers able to stage those capacities in experimental installations. In this sense, the events created for Design Week in Milan, the original ‘FuoriSalone’ that began in 1990 thanks to an intuition of the present editor-in-chief Gilda Bojardi, have immediately functioned as incubators, ready to combine the dimensions of design and architecture and providing concrete stimuli for the practices of the companies and designers invited to take part. The story of the Interni Events starts in 1998 with the first large urban exhibition, Light Tower, in which Milan’s busiest streets hosted seven luminous, multimedia landmarks, with real-time displays of interviews, images and new projects.